Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Save Money

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have become so popular.  The idea behind various social sites was to help people stay in touch with their loved ones and friends.

Nowadays, society has gone past that notion. There’s a lot you can do with your social media account, and one of them is to help you manage and save money.

Take a look at smart ways to save money on social media.

Find Deals on Social Media

There’re various companies on Facebook and Twitter that are offering deals and discounts on their products.

Don’t let such an opportunity pass you if you’re a social media maniac. Ensure you follow your favorite stores on their social media pages to see if they have promotions and discounts.

Follow your favorite restaurants and be the first to know about their time-limited promotions and save some extra money. You can also look for follow news or updates from friends; the promos will be all over your feeds.

Use Crowdfunding Campaign to Your Aid

Use social media to raise money through crowdfunding instead of getting money out of your pocket.

Spread the word on your social media pages when you’re launching a new project or trying to raise money to continue with your education.

When you have a sick friend or family member and the medical bill is too high, you can source for a quick loan online using your social media account.

Using social media to spread your grievances, you’ll reach many friends, family members, and other people willing to help you out.

Ensure you set your post to the public when sharing a crowdfunding campaign on social media networks. This will expand your reach since your friends, and family members will also share the post on their network.

Get Deals on Used Stuff

You can also use your Facebook marketplace to buy or sell used items. By just scrolling, you’ll find a lot of used items ranging from utensils to sofas. You can save a lot of money buying such staff since they’re priced lower than new ones.

Also, earn some extra cash by selling items that you don’t need. If you intend to sell used items, ensure you take good quality photos.

Check out similar listings to ensure your pricing matches other listings. Selling unused goods through social media can be good side hustle and a way to earn extra income.

Easy Access to Customer Service

Reaching out to customer service is very easy nowadays, thanks to social media. Companies depend largely on their social media pages to respond to queries and concerns from their customers.

You can use social media to contact customer care if you have a problem with the products and want a replacement or refund.

If you purchase an item that is already gone on sale, you can request a refund through social media pages. Reach out to a customer service rep if they can match a lower price from that of a competitor.

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