Should I Buy Travel Insurance When Going On A Business Trip?

Business trips are more work than leisure. It is most likely that your entire itinerary has been planned out by your company. As long as you stick with the plan, the entire trip seems to be smooth sailing. With such organization already planned, would it be wise to buy travel insurance when heading on a business trip? We say, yes. Buying travel insurance is essential when heading for any kind of trip, whether business or leisure. Let’s go through a detailed understanding of this topic in this article.

Travel insurance will cover you during medical emergencies

Having travel insurance can be helpful during a business trip as there is a possibility that you may undergo some health issues. This could be due to jetlag as a result of frequent flight travel, or seasickness if you are traveling on a cruise. Or, your body may not be able to handle the constant outside food. In any of these situations, if things go bad enough to require hospitalization, your travel insurance provider can help you financially in this regard.

Compensates you in case of loss of important items 

Business trips are often multi-destination. You may have to board and depart from one flight after another. In all the hurry and stress, the risk of you losing your important stuff increases. Your passport, especially, is at a higher risk of getting lost according to statistics. If it indeed happens, you may have to cancel important meetings as a consequence. Having travel insurance can be of immense help here as most insurers will provide you with quick assistance to create a new passport for the time being. Not only that, your insurer will likely compensate you for the expenses that will be incurred for the same.

Loss of checked-in baggage is also a common occurrence amongst travellers. Your baggage may contain expensive business suits and items which you may be planning to wear at those important meetings with international clients. If they are misplaced or lost, it could mean a great financial loss. If you buy travel insurance, however, you can raise a claim during such a situation and your insurer will provide you with the correct assistance. They may help you recover your lost baggage. If the recovery does not prove to be successful, they may also provide you with compensation for the items you have lost with the baggage. This will make sure that your budget as well as business schedule stays on track.

Your employer’s group health insurance may not be sufficient

Often, a lot of business travellers do not take travel insurance as they feel that the group health insurance offered by their employer may be adequate for their trip. This may prove to be a mistake, especially when going overseas. The costs for medical treatment overseas are higher as compared to domestic rates. Your employer’s group health insurance is likely to provide limited coverage – which may not be sufficient to cover the high costs you may incur in case of a medical emergency.


When misfortune strikes in a foreign land, it does not look at whether you are there for business or leisure. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared with a travel insurance plan no matter what kind of trip it is.

Do bear in mind that the information provided here for travel insurance may differ from insurer to insurer. Kindly read the policy documents carefully before going ahead with any financial decisions.

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