Mastering the Art of Online Earnings: Achieve 1 Lac per Month and Build Passive Income from Home

Building substantial passive revenue streams from the comfort of home is very attainable today by tapping into online platforms. This article offers implementable tactics to identify promising digital verticals aligned with your talents, devise efficient monetisation strategies around them, and gradually scale up your monthly earnings to reach the 1 lac goal. Read on to learn how to earn online money at home.

Ways to Earn Passive Income from Home

Building passive income takes time but yields long-term earnings that keep growing with minimal supervision once your systems are in place. Here are some powerful ideas you can implement to earn 1 lac per month:

1. Use MyFIRST Partner App

A rewarding way to earn some passive income is by becoming a partner with the MyFIRST referral program by IDFC FIRST Bank. This free app allows you to refer friends and family to open savings or current accounts.

The MyFIRST app offers a seamless user experience for referrals. Moreover, by downloading an app and signing up at no cost, you can earn a commission of 1.5% for every personal loan you successfully refer to others, leading to the loan being disbursed. This option is perfect to earn 1 lac per month.

2. Start a Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping allows you to sell products to customers without handling inventory. Once you receive an order, source the products from third-party suppliers who ship them directly to the customer. With this hands-off ecommerce model, you can build an online store with minimal investment.

Choose a niche you are passionate about, set up an eye-catching store using platforms like Shopify, and run targeted ads to drive traffic and sales. You can easily achieve over 1 lac monthly income with a well-executed global dropshipping store.

3. Become a Business Consultant

Building expertise in digital marketing, financial planning, HR consulting, data analytics, etc., can help render professional consultancy services to startups and businesses. Offer flexible packages or hourly rates for your consultation sessions and get paid well for providing strategic solutions online.

These days, the location allows you to provide consultancy. Use professional social networks like LinkedIn to find clients who need advice from industry experts like you. Over time, as you gain more experience, you can start charging premium rates.

4. Create an App

Developing and launching your own mobile app allows you to build a passive income stream. You can either create a paid app or make it free but show ads through networks like Google AdSense. As your user base grows, so will your earnings through app purchases, in-app transactions, and ad revenues. Promote your app through social media marketing and influencer partnerships for broader outreach and financial upside, even with minimal maintenance.


If you can spot promising opportunities online, devise a step-by-step system leveraging your unique talents, and manage it efficiently – a monthly 1 lac earning target is highly achievable. Be focused and patient, and keep enhancing your capabilities to build earn passive income from home. The digital world is filled with possibilities – all you need is the passion and strategic vision to convert ideas into consistent passive profits month after month.

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