List of Upcoming IPOs in February 2022

January was a sluggish period for IPOs, thanks to concerns about the US Federal Reserve’s economic stance and the Indian Union Budget. Nevertheless, now that the Budget has passed, the IPO market is expected to resume its typical pace. In 2021, 65 upcoming ipo raised over Rs.1.31 trillion, with 64 of them being oversubscribed. So, let’s take a look at what February 2022 has to offer.

What will the IPO landscape look like in February 2022?

The LIC IPO will debut in the financial markets in 2022, according to the finance minister, who stated in the Union Budget debate that the LIC IPO would take place in March 2022. Besides the already-open Vedant Fashions IPO, Twelve other planned IPOs scheduled to enter the market in February and March.

Upcoming IPOs in February 2022

Here’s a short rundown of firms that are anticipated to go public in February 2022. But, for the time being, this is simply a suggestive listing.

  1. National Stock Exchange

After a lengthy wait, NSE, India’s leader in electronic sales and one of the biggest stock exchanges regarding derivative quantities, will enter the IPO market. The NSE has now received regulatory permission to proceed with its Rs.10,000 crore first public offering. Because stock exchanges cannot register under current laws according to their exchanges, the NSE may consider a dual listing on the BSE and an overseas market.

  1. Ruchi Soya

Ruchi Soya intends to enter the Follow-on Public Offer (FPO) market with an Rs.4,300 crore issuance that’s already got SEBI permission. Patanjali had purchased Ruchi Soya in 2019. It is one of India’s top suppliers of oil meals. Mahakosh Oil, Sunrich Oil, Ruchi Gold, Nutrela Soya Foods, and Ruchi Star Oil are some of the company’s well-known trademarks.

  1. Go Airlines

The whole Rs.3,600 crore Go Airlines IPO would be a new offering. The revenues from the offering would be used to pay down debt, notably IOCL fuel dues and aircraft leasing payments. According to the most recent DGCA data, Go Air has a 9.1 percent market share on domestic flights.

  1. Vedant Fashions

Vedant Fashions, the owner of Manyavar and other celebratory clothing men’s companies, started subscriptions on February 4th and will conclude on February 8th. Vedant Fashions’ initial public offering (IPO) is valued at Rs.3,149 crore. Using its franchisee strategy, the firm has created significant retail but exclusive footprint throughout India.

  1. MobiKwik

The amount of Rs. 1,900 crore MobiKwik’s IPO consists of an Rs.1,500 crore new issuance and an Rs.400 crore OFS. The offering was supposed to go live in the December-21 quarter, but it was delayed due to Paytm’s shaky listings. Clients and retailers can use MobiKwik’s mighty transaction wallet and a customized BNPL (purchase now, pay later) digital plan.

  1. Arohan Financials

A new issue of Rs.950 crore and an offering to sell Rs.850 crore would make up the Rs.1,800 crore IPO. Arohan is a non-bank financial company that also offers microfinance to underserved markets. The IPO will contribute to the company’s capital sufficiency.

  1. Ixigo (Le Travenues Technologies)

The Rs.1,600 crore IPO would include a new issue of Rs.850 crore and an Rs.750 crore offering to sell. It has been operational for almost 14 years and is among the few AI-powered systems for flight bookings, railways, and lodgings. Although it is in the tourism industry, its economic approach is mainly B2B.

  1. Penna Cement

The Rs.1,550 crore IPO would include a new issue of Rs.1,300 crore and an Rs.250 crore offer for sale. That’s the concrete company’s second effort, and the funds will be utilized to pay down debt and expand.

  1. Paradeep Phosphates

The IPO for Paradeep Phosphates would include a new issue of Rs.1,255 crore and selling 12 crore shares by current owners. Paradeep, a company situated in Odisha, produces phosphatic fertilizers.

  1. ESAF Small Finance Bank

ESAF SFB is a microlending organization established in Kerala. A new issue of Rs.800 crore and an offer for sale (OFS) of Rs.198 crore make up the Rs.998 crore IPO. The proceeds from the new issuance will be utilized to increase the bank’s capital requirements and provide money for on-lending in its main loan operation.

  1. Tracxn Technologies

The founders and early investors will make an offer for sale (OFS) of 386.72 lakh shares inside this IPO. In addition, investment bankers, corporations, and private equity funds can subscribe to Tracxn’s service to watch classified and unlisted firms in the growing technological field.

  1. Skanray Technologies

Skanray Technologies’ IPO would include a new issue of Rs.400 crore and an offer to sell 141.06 lakh shares at an undisclosed value. The firm creates, creates, and produces medical products focusing on the Indian market.

  1. ESDS Software

The ESDS Software IPO was scheduled to debut in January, but it was postponed until February 22 due to weak market sentiment. A fresh issuance of Rs.322 crore and an offer for sale of 2.15 crore shares would be part of the ESDS offering. ESDS is a cloud services firm established in Nashik that serves commercial and public sector companies.


Well, given that you have a shortlist of impending IPOs for February 2022, be prepared to invest in such cutting-edge technology-driven businesses. In addition, start looking for stock market courses online if you are new to the field or want to enhance your skills regarding investing, which will help you financially in the long run.


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